ALWAYS Something UP Our Sleeve


The Peel People have a lot to tell!

But we don’t like to boast.

What makes us different is our commitment to quality and innovation. We are relentlessly focused on material, adhesive and print technology, design and trends.


Our amazing team is hard at work right now, printing decals, designing products for homes, making offices happier and more effective, making automobiles fun, and so much more! Almost every month, we unveil new and innovative product lines… and can help bring products and ideas to life! Whether you’re searching lettering products, are serious about home decor, or have an amazing idea to improve office spaces, increase productivity or dress up that dreary dorm… we would be pleased to hear from you. The Peel People are invaluable partners.

We invite you to keep checking back on our blog to see what’s new and amazing in the various worlds we continue to improve. We will be updating our blog with amazing developments and new products launching in 2019… and if it takes us a little while longer, the fact is, we’re just too busy innovating!

Don’t forget to hold on to your hat!

Yours truly,
The Peel People

Pieter Ricter